2016 Impact Report

Impact of Endowed Funds

The University of Dayton endowment creates a base of perpetual support for the mission of the University. Its primary investment goal is to preserve and enhance the financial status of the University as it provides funding in support of world-class teaching and learning environments, research and other University strategic initiatives.

Our alumni and friends have generously created endowed funds which continue to make an impact year after year. These funds are invested with the University's other assets in its long-term investment pool. In keeping with the University of Dayton's Catholic and Marianist heritage, all investments are made in compliance with its socially responsible investment guidelines. Included in this long-term investment pool is $22 million that is managed by the University's undergraduate student investment team, which is overseen by the Davis Center for Portfolio Management in the School of Business Administration.

As of June 30, 2016, the University of Dayton endowment was valued at $473 million.

2015-16 Scholarships
2015-16 Giving by Constituent
Giving Society Membership
2015-16 Percent of Total Gifts

The Flexibility to Succeed

Unrestricted giving stands at the heart of the University of Dayton's success and prestige, providing essential flexibility to programs and initiatives.Flexibility to Succeed Thanks to such gifts, the University can meet challenges as they arise and seize unexpected opportunities for growth and innovation.

Gifts to the UD Fund provide this vital unrestricted support to the University as a whole, and gifts to Dean's Funds offer this support to specific academic units. In addition, donations to the Champions & Scholars Fund provide flexibility to Flyer athletics, paving the way for winning programs.

Thank you for giving the University of Dayton the ability to stay on the cutting edge of educational and athletic ventures. Your dedication allows the University to lead the way forward — always.


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