2016 Impact Report

The Most Meaningful Impact

At the University of Dayton, a gift's impact often goes far beyond bricks and mortar. A momentous contribution to women's volleyball has provided remarkable facility improvements — and lasting inspiration.

Hausfeld Court

Lori Hausfeld and her family's $1.2 million gift to the program created a facility that rivals that of any college volleyball program in the nation. The newly dedicated Hausfeld Court in the Frericks Center boasts:

  • Impressive scoreboard and video boards with replay.
  • Digital sound system.
  • Perma-Cap seating on the wooden bleachers.
  • Hand rails accompanying the bleacher stairs.
  • Updated banners and graphics.
  • New volleyball equipment.
  • Portable courtside seating for Flyer fans.

This extraordinary facility is destined to impress prospective players and bring them into the Flyer fold. And it elevates an already strong program, in which the Flyers have captured the Atlantic 10 regular season crown 13 times, won the A-10 tournament championship 11 times and made the NCAA tournament 12 times. Stepping off the hardwood and heading to the locker room, it is clear this gift offers much more than this impressive, state-of-the-art court.

Players prepare for games and regroup afterward in the Kacie Hausfeld Player Lounge — also made possible with the gift — and feel the real heart of the contribution, Loungstarting with a commemorative display on the wall that tells players about the lounge's namesake, Lori's daughter Kacie.

Kacie, a setter on the Flyer volleyball team from 2007 to 2009, passed away alongside her father, Tom, in a plane crash in April 2010. At the time, she was a junior at the University, majoring in early childhood education.

Action shots of Kacie adorn the wall, along with a tribute detailing her success on the court and her role as an ideal teammate. In honor of Kacie, the team presents the Kacie Hausfeld Teammate Award annually to a student who leads by example, whose effort is never questioned, who encourages and genuinely cares about her teammates, and who has an absolute love for the game.

Kacie's college roommate and teammate, Yvonne Marten Van Hoof '12, reflected on her friend's special legacy: "I am just happy that people will continue to remember her, specifically future UD volleyball players. Current and future Flyers aren't as lucky as me and my other teammates. They will never step into Frericks gymnasium after hanging out in the locker room with No. 14 Kacie Hausfeld, but they will know about her, and maybe even talk about her.Teammates She was hilarious, athletic, kind, smart and pretty, but never took herself too seriously. She was a talented player, but her character and personality are what made her a person you wanted next to you on and off the court."

And why did Lori choose the volleyball program for such a transformative gift? "It's something my daughter Ali and I thought about for years," she said. "This place (UD) has always been very special to me, Kacie and our family. She loved it here, and I just really wanted to make an impact and make sure that it was known she was here at one time. It warms my heart to know that everybody will know who she is, even though she's gone." University of Dayton volleyball head coach Tim Horsmon, who recruited Kacie from Alter High School in Kettering, Ohio, is well aware of what the gift means for the program. "The next generation of Flyers will get to experience a premier facility that is continuing to evolve into not only one of the best in the country, but one that will hold special meaning to our program and Flyer family."

That special meaning comes from the life of a very special young woman.

Hausfeld CourtAs Van Hoof put it, "I find that when people pass away, their stories always get dramatized. They get portrayed superlatively, but Kacie really was all these wonderful things."

The University of Dayton is truly blessed to hold Kacie's memory as a source of inspiration for future generations of student-athletes. Thanks to the Hausfeld family for providing such a meaningful impact — and for inspiring all of us with their strength and heart.


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