2016 Impact Report

Dear alumni, parents and friends,

Karen and I officially joined the University of Dayton in July 2016, but in fact, we engaged with the Flyer community months before arriving on campus. One of the most exciting parts of our journey thus far has been getting to know so many of youEric F. Spina — our alumni, parents and friends who play such a vital role in helping the University fulfill its mission and providing the critical resources needed by the institution’s faculty, students and staff. We are inspired by your stories — how your own experience here influences your life today — as well as what you envision as ambitious goals for our great University in the future, and which values you feel transcend time and must be preserved as part of our unique culture.

Looking back over 2016, it is clear what a great year it was for the University community. We celebrated Dan Curran’s remarkable 14-year tenure at the University, including many key initiatives you supported and made possible, such as the Human Rights Center, expansion of the campus and improvement of our facilities, and our deep and meaningful commitment to sustainability. Your support enabled our students and faculty to use their talents near and far to enrich their perspectives, engage with other cultures, and support underserved members of the world community through immersion and service programs like ETHOS. And, speaking personally, you welcomed Karen and me into this community with open arms, hearts and minds. This collection of achievements and experiences are inspiring and motivate all of us to think even more broadly about the impact the University can have locally, nationally and internationally. They also call to us to define the distinctive learning environment we must provide for our current and future students as they strive to learn, lead and serve.

In this report, you will learn about just a few of the many extraordinary gifts the University received last year that exemplify what we can accomplish together to fulfill this great institution's mission and build on shared values and priorities. Collectively, these stories reflect the significant impact your support has on the lives of our students, faculty and staff and the future of our University. I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.

Thank you for all you have done to make this possible.

With warmest regards and my deepest appreciation,

Eric F. Spina


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