Education For the Mind and Heart

    A University of Dayton education is much more than a series of classes. We've created an environment where students, professors and Marianists all have the opportunity to live and learn from each other. We are a community that produces excellence by providing support.

    College of Arts and Sciences

    An education that considers issues from multiple perspectives results in graduates who are fueled to create new solutions. They adapt to different situations wherever their careers take them in our rapidly changing world. And, with the breadth of knowledge gained through their studies, our graduates are more likely to follow in your footsteps of leadership, service and success.

    The Power of Your Support

    $1,000:  Helps a student travel abroad for research or cultural immersion; can fund an upper-class scholarship for a Dayton Civic Scholar or a River Steward.
    $500:     Purchases a musical instrument or pays for a student to present research at a national conference.
    $250:     Funds one month’s housing for honors research in the summer or pays for a student’s Dayton2DC trip, networking in our nation’s capital.
    $100:     Supports programs in campus ministry or local service-learning projects.
    $50:       Pays for class materials, cultural experiences and presentation materials for the Stander Symposium.

    Arts and Sciences General Endowment Scholarship

    We constantly see opportunity, and your generosity brings those opportunities to our students. A gift to the Arts and Sciences General Endowment Scholarship enables the University to help high-achieving students with financial need. Deserving students get the chance to participate in national conferences, competitions and service projects. Students from the College of Arts and Sciences also learn leadership and service through our Rivers Institute and the Statehouse Civic Scholars  program.

    School of Business Administration

    Investing in the School of Business Administration ensures that we, much like our Marianist founders, are able to read the signs of the times and act on them for the benefit of our world.

    The Power of Your Support

    $1,000:  Provides an internship stipend or sends a student to a conference or competition like the National Collegiate Sales Competition.
    $500:     Could bring a cyber-security expert to present at an event or help Flyer Consulting students assist more nonprofits with business expertise.
    $250:     Funds a bus trip for 30 students to a major facility to learn about careers in operations management or information services. It could also pay a student’s travel expenses to present research.
    $100:     Supports subscriptions to The Wall Street Journal and membership fees to professional organizations such as the Academy of Management and the Decision Sciences Institute.
    $50:       Pays for an entry fee to a marketing case competition or a “Walk The Talk” lunch where students and professionals discuss business cases involving ethical dilemmas.

    School of Business Administration General Endowment Scholarship

    A gift to the School of Business Administration General Endowment Scholarship gives high-achieving students the opportunity for success in a rapidly changing global market. Students are prepared to be leaders in the business world after graduation.

    School of Education and Health Sciences

    Our students develop the compassionate hearts and the critical minds needed to care for others and build and challenge learning communities. We prepare students to become great teachers, counselors, administrators, physical therapy and health and sport science professionals.

    The Power of Your Support

    $1,000:  Provides an emergency scholarship to a student in need or supports international study.
    $500:     Purchases counseling videos, blood pressure cuffs or instruments for experiments.
    $250:     Helps students  to attend or present at a national conference or brings in a guest speaker.
    $100:     Buys materials for a Lalanne teacher, up to four books for urban book read or testing materials for psychology students.
    $50:       Funds student dues to professional organizations, periodicals for classroom use and attendance fees for local conferences

    School of Education And Health Sciences General Endowment Scholarship

    Gifts to the School of Education and Health Sciences General Endowment Scholarship enhance the school's quality and reputation. They help us attract strong students and develop them into outstanding leaders and practitioners in teaching, counseling, administration, human services, nutrition, sports management and physical therapy.

    School of Engineering

    Service is a distinctive component of our engineering student experience. It’s a clear manifestation of the Catholic, Marianist spirit, inviting our students to use their talents toward a greater good. We are committed to educating engineering professionals with a global understanding.

    The Power of Your Support

    $1000:  Five gifts of $1,000 can sponsor a student for the entire summer on an ETHOS project.
    $500:    Provides the supplies an honors student needs to complete research for his or her thesis.
    $250:    Funds materials and supplies for an Innovation Center project.
    $100:    Pays association dues for the American Society for Engineering Education, a professional organization devoted to excellence in instruction, research, practice and service.
    $50:      Helps student ambassadors host prospective students or covers student fees for technical conferences.

    School Of Engineering General Endowment Scholarship

    The School of Engineering General Endowment Scholarship helps the University attract outstanding engineering students and develop them as complete professionals. In this city known for innovation, they learn to collaborate with others to solve problems and shape the world for good.

    School of Law

    We prepare graduates to distinguish themselves in their careers while making a positive change in the world. Our students receive a broad base of legal knowledge, extensive practical experience and sound ethics through our Catholic, Marianist tradition and our innovative curricula and programs.

    The Power of Your Support

    $1,000:  Helps a student with living expenses at an externship outside of Dayton; funds a teaching assistant position for one student for a semester.
    $500:     Purchases a student’s casebooks for a semester or sponsors travel to moot court and mock trial competitions.
    $250:     Funds a registration fee for a mock trial or moot court competition.
    $100:     Pays professional association memberships.
    $50:       Supplies bar exam study materials; funds networking opportunities.

    School Of Law General Endowment Scholarship

    A gift to the School of Law General Endowment Scholarship helps keep students with financial need enrolled. It also helps us to attract outstanding students who will make an immediate impact in the field with their strong legal writing skills, externship experiences, Law Clinic service, and expertise in digital lawyering.

    University Libraries

    The University Libraries provide excellent research and scholarly collections, quality service, integrated curricular support and dynamic learning environments – all vital to the mission of a Catholic and Marianist University. Those who love books, knowledge and libraries have found great satisfaction in supporting the Libraries. We're grateful for their generosity.

    Make a gift to support the University Libraries.


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