Abdulelah's Story

I'm a senior student in chemical engineering. I will graduate soon, and I am proud that I chose UD because I would never get the same experience if I went to other school.

At the beginning, I was afraid of the decision that I made which is studying outside my country, away from my family and culture. However, once I arrived at the University of Dayton all of these fears were gone. Fear had gone because of the UD community. The UD community welcomes students with faith, smiles and love. The diversity of UD makes the place more beautiful. We start our day by hearing the chapel's bell that inspires us to work hard and fill our hearts with strength and determination. During my study, I did not find any difficulties.

I know that my graduation is coming soon, and I will be leaving. Therefore, I am talking from experience; the new students will have a wonderful time here. I believe now it was the best decision that I made in my life, and it is your time to make it. I love UD because it gave me the key to have a successful life.