Jing's Story

I am from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, where I majored in electrical and computational engineering. This is my first year at the University of Dayton, and I am still excited about being able to study here.

As an engineering student, I was especially attracted to the extraordinary advanced technologies in the US. Having the chance to study these technologies is a dream to me. I was motivated to gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills, so I applied to the master's program in electrical and computer engineering at the University of Dayton.

With top scholars and advanced facilities – including 10 specialized laboratories – students here experience great enhancement in our academic ability, and we gain both theoretical and hands-on training. This enhancement can lead to good job opportunities in the future.

It’s not easy to step out the protection of our parents and face the challenge of living in a new country alone. But this is also a great opportunity for us to be stronger and better. Besides, we are never alone here. The University of Dayton is a big family who supports each other. We can find lifelong friends.