Prad's Story

After I graduated from middle school, I decided I wanted to earn my master’s degree in the United States, and I finally decided to achieve my dream. I wanted to become a successful engineer, and the United States and especially the University of Dayton became the primary choice to help me excel in this field. I am really grateful to my parents who stood by me in all my dream and endeavors; it is because of them I am here.

I chose UD because the professors are experienced and friendly. UD also provides the infrastructure and has a dedicated research institute for students to work on their projects. And UD is one of the top-ranked universities in the U.S. The campus is one of the safest and most student-friendly.

I had the same jitters every other international student has when they leave their country for higher education. But the fears were gone within a matter of days, and ever since then I feel like I am at my home. The students and faculty always have a smile on their face, which brightens the day and helps to get rid of any stress. I participate the international club events and other campus events, which helped me make lot of friends. My stay in the U.S. is an unforgettable one.

My on-campus job is another addition to the long list of things I love about UD. I get to meet new people every single day, and the job is interesting and challenging. The friends I have and the campus events are what I love the most about UD. The biggest surprise for me was that in short time I made so many friends, and I will never ever regret my decision to join UD. I will remain a Flyer forever.


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