Driver Certification FAQ

1. How often must I complete the driver certification session and how long should I allow for certification before driving on behalf of the University?
Certifications are required on an annual basis as noted in the University of Dayton’s “Vehicle Use and Driver Certification” policy. Allow up to 10 days after submitting your signed form to receive your certificate by email. States other than Ohio can take 10 days or more.

2. Can I become a University certified driver if I currently have an international license?
No, all driver certification applicants must have a United States driver's license to satisfy UD's insurance requirements in becoming a certified driver.  

3. Can I become a University certified driver if I currently have a license from the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico?
Yes, but since our motor vehicle report company only provides reports for stateside licenses, we need for the applicant to contact their bureau of motor vehicles or visit their website to obtain their own motor vehicle report and then submit the report to RMI.

4. Where can I get an insurance card?
The insurance card is needed when using a UD vehicle or rental. UD vehicles should already have a card in the glovebox. If not, the card can be obtained by calling RMI, it will be emailed or faxed to you.

5. How can I schedule the use of a UD vehicle?
If your department does not have a UD-insured vehicle, several departments loan vehicles for UD business and events. Contact Center for Social Concern, 229-2576; Arts & Sciences, 229-2603 and Kennedy Union, 229-3333.

6. What if UD vehicles are not available?
UD established a contract with Enterprise/National rental for UD business and event use. The contract includes discounted rates, additional insurance, roadside assistance and claim management. Use contract no. XZ38Y40 when scheduling. Rental drivers must also complete the driver certification session.

7. Do I need to accept the additional insurance when I rent a vehicle?
Yes, except when using Enterprise or National within the UD contract.

8. Do I have to use the Enterprise/National contract when renting for UD business?
No. However, if you choose a different rental agency not under the UD contract, you must accept the additional insurance for “loss damage waiver” which covers damages to the rental.

9. Can I use the UD rental contract for personal use? 

10. Are students required to be certified to use a UD vehicle or rental?
Yes. The driver certification session must be completed annually.

11. When should students complete the “Personal Vehicle Use” form?
The personal vehicle use form is required through Student Involvement for approved events and is available on their website. Other departments can also use the form to fit their needs for student events, but it is not required.

12. How do I report an accident when using a UD vehicle or rental?
Contact the local police to report the accident. If on campus, contact UD Public Safety 229-2121.  Notify RMI. If using a rental, call the roadside assistance number on the back of your contract.

13. What if an accident occurs while I’m driving my personal vehicle on UD business?
Promptly report the accident to your personal insurer. If you or other passengers are injured, notify Human Resources to discuss workers compensation procedures.

14. When do I need to be certified to drive my personal vehicle on UD business? Why?
The driver certification session must be completed before using your personal vehicle for UD business, only if you are submitting mileage reimbursement. Although your personal insurance is still primary in the event of an accident, UD’s insurance might come into play under certain circumstances. 

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