Meet Karen Gibson & Cathy Waag

Getting to know Karen Gibson

Karen GibsonWould you ever think an engineer would be working in the Communication Department? Karen Gibson, Senior Administrative Assistant for the Communication Department, has an electrical engineering degree from the University of Dayton and worked as an engineer before she came to UD. Now, Karen has been working in the communication office for what will be 10 years in January, where she is responsible for providing the department chair with anything he needs. Karen is also in charge of purchasing for the department, checking the budget and watching over the office.

More about Karen

Karen’s favorite part of her job is seeing all the students that come through the office and working with faculty members.

If Karen didn’t have to work anymore, she would travel around the world, exploring different continents, especially warm and historical places.

Karen loves reading murder mystery novels - it is an obsession! She is also busy making Christmas stockings for her family. The stockings were supposed to be ready for last Christmas, but she is still working on them. Karen says they have to be done by December!

The most exciting events in her life right now have to do with her sons. One son ran his first marathon, while her other son graduated from medical school, got married and moved to Maryland all this summer. Also, each son got a new puppy and Karen is excited to dog-sit her grand-puppies! Lastly, Karen and her husband had geothermal installed at their home. Her yard is a mess, but she will enjoy saving money come this winter.

When asked, co-worker Cathy Waag, said that Karen’s best contribution to the Department of Communication is her sense of humor, her flexibility and how they work so well together.

Getting to know Cathy Waag

Cathy WaagSinging in the church choir and taking voice lessons at UD are activities that Cathy Waag loves to do, but you won’t ever catch her singing in the Communication Department. While singing is something she enjoys, Cathy has a fear of singing by herself in public. Cathy is a Senior Administrative Secretary and is responsible for helping students and faculty members. This year celebrates Cathy’s tenth year at the University of Dayton.

More about Cathy

Cathy's favorite part of her job is interacting with the students. She says it keeps her young and up-to-date. She likes hearing from students after they graduate.If Cathy did not have to work anymore, she would become a philanthropist and volunteer at a hospital. She would also finish her undergraduate degree in general studies. Cathy has been working on her degree, taking one class each semester and online classes during the summer. She is currently a senior with just 17 credit hours left.

Cathy is a runner. She likes to compete in 5k races, especially races that are associated with charities. That way her registration money goes to a good cause. She has recently started quilting with her cousins and hopes to finish her first quilt soon.

Cathy is most excited for what her children are accomplishing. Her daughter is getting married in November and was just hired to teach introductory communication courses at Miami of Ohio. Her son started Air Force training to become a Weapons Systems Officer.

When asked, Karen said that the best contribution Cathy makes to the office is being the compassionate one.  Karen went to a Marianist retreat, where she learned how a triangle can represent the head, the heart and the hands. For the Communication Department, Dr. Hess is the head, Karen is the hands and Cathy is the heart, just like Father Chaminade was the head, Adele Batz de Trenquelleon was the heart and Marie Therese de Lamourous was the hands.

- Lindsey DiTirro