Get to Know Dr. Ryan McEwan

Ryan McEwanDoesn't everyone want to go to work and actually love what they are doing? For Dr. Ryan McEwan his work is his passion in life.  He is motivated by the pursuit of new knowledge, and the Department of Biology provides Ryan a good fit as it provides him with many research opportunities. Ryan has been at UD for four years. Prior to working here, he was a fulltime scientist at the University of Kentucky. Ryan teaches Plant Diversity & Ecology, Ecological Restoration and Community Ecology (a rotating seminar for graduate students). Not only does he teach these courses, he also created them! Along with teaching, Ryan is a mentor to 10 undergraduate and three graduate students. He enjoys this aspect of the job and hopes to be a springboard for his students. Ryan is also excited about his current research. He is studying forest development and climate change.

Surprisingly, as an undergraduate, Ryan did not intend on making ecology his career. However, one of his professors pushed him to be more involved and now being a scientist is a job he truly loves.

More about Ryan McEwan

Ryan enjoys the collaborative research opportunities his job provides. He feels the relationships are fulfilling as he gets to exchange ideas with other researchers. Ryan wishes he could give more time to this area.

If Ryan didn't have to work anymore, he said he would continue doing what he is doing now. He likes his work and wouldn't want to do anything else. Though, he would probably spend more time with family and travel more. One thing Ryan thinks most people wouldn't know about him is that his home is full of life, as he has six cats, two dogs, 20 house plants and two children under the age of 10!

Ryan doesn't have any collections or hobbies. However, after thinking for a moment, he came to the realization that his job is his hobby. He likes botany and trees and that is what he studies and gets to work with every day.

Last year Ryan was invited to Taiwan to give lectures at different universities. For two weeks, he taught and traveled around the island territory.

- Lindsey DiTirro