Get to know Dr. Heather MacLachlan

Heather MacLachlanFor Dr. Heather MacLachlan, this past year has been a busy but productive one.  To name just a few of her projects, Heather started a choir at the Dayton Early College Academy, began working with the international GLBT choral movement, and her book, Burma’s Pop Music Industry: Creators, Distributors and Censors, will be published in November.

Heather is an assistant professor in the Department of Music.  She came to the University of Dayton in August 2009.  Prior to UD, Heather was a public school teacher in her native country of Canada.  After a decade of teaching, she wanted a change and received her Ph.D. from Cornell University.  Heather's current position is her first full-time professorial job after completing her graduate studies.

Heather’s main research focus is the music-making population of Burma.  Heather became interested in studying Burmese culture after meeting some refugees in Canada.  She conducts some of her research in Fort Wayne, Indiana, as it has the largest Burmese population in the United States. 

More about Heather MacLachlan

The relationships with colleagues are what Heather enjoys the most about her job.  She says that she has made true friendships and met people who encourage her.  She is happy to come to work, because she enjoys the people around her, in the Department of Music and outside of the department.

If Heather did not have to work anymore she would like to sit in the library and read all day.  She loves to read and this is what she wants to do when she retires.

Along with reading, Heather also spends her free time running.  She is a distance runner and runs three miles every morning.  Heather has competed in two half-marathons.

This past June, Heather was a National Institute for Humanities Summer Scholar at Wesleyan University.  She participated in a two week seminar called Ethnomusicology and Global Culture. 

- Lindsey DiTirro