Get to know Eileen Carr

Eileen CarrThroughout her adolescence, Eileen Carr enjoyed painting and creating art. One summer, Eileen participated in a college program for visual arts.  She saw many people who she thought were talented artists. However, she did not feel like she was as talented as the people around her.  Eileen decided that she couldn't have a career in creating art, but knew she still wanted to spend her life involved with the arts. She went on to receive a Masters of Art History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and began working in the art museum field. Later, she started teaching at the University of Dayton as a part-time faculty member for the Department of Visual Arts. While teaching, Eileen heard about the Arts Series Coordinator position. She applied for the position and has been the coordinator for six years.

Eileen has dedicated her life to promoting and connecting people to the arts. She has great passion for the arts and wants others to have that passion, as well. She states that you don't need to be an expert to appreciate art. Eileen says the best advice for people interested in the arts is to consume the arts a lot, be open to new things and attend different events. Through the UD Arts Series, Eileen encourages students, faculty, staff and the Dayton community to try something new. The Series showcases artists from many different music genres, so each performance is different from the next one. Eileen claims that UD should be commended for supporting the arts, as the Arts Series is celebrating its 50th year!

Eileen works with faculty, staff and students to find outstanding professional artists from around the world. She likes to have artists who are innovative and who blur traditional boundaries. Eileen not only coordinates the schedule for the Arts Series, but she also picks artists up from the airport, takes tickets at the performances, designs programs and completes many other tasks. While she needs to juggle many aspects of the job, Eileen enjoys getting to meet an incredible array of artists.

More about Eileen Carr

If Eileen didn't have to work anymore, she would spend one week each month in New York City visiting museum exhibitions and galleries and attending concerts.

Eileen thinks that most people wouldn't know that she has an extreme liking of salt. She even received a collection of exotic table salt for her birthday! It probably is no surprise, with Eileen's passion for the arts, that she collects visual art from local artists.

The most exciting thing that has recently happened in Eileen's life is that her oldest son got married this summer.