Get to know Dr. Jeremy Forbis

Jeremy ForbisIsn't it amazing how one experience can change your life? That's what happened to Dr. Jeremy Forbis. If it was not for a cultural immersion program in Costa Rica, he may be working in the world of business instead of an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Dayton. Jeremy took the year off between high school and college to participate in a program where he could explore Central America. Through this trip he discovered he enjoyed learning about the different ways people live. When the program ended, he decided he no longer wanted to start college studying business and declared sociology as his major.

Jeremy earned his Ph.D. at The Ohio State University and joined UD as his first job out of graduate school. Jeremy has been here since the fall of 2007. He teaches three courses with statistics and methods always being one of the courses. He also teaches political sociology, his area of specialty, but surprisingly statistics is his favorite course to teach.

More about Dr. Jeremy Forbis

Jeremy enjoys the balance of his job. He gets to work with students and conduct his own research. He likes having his own agenda and being able to complete research in the areas he wants to study.

If Jeremy didn't have to work anymore, he would want to be a fly fisherman. He is originally from Wyoming, and fly fishing is one of his pastimes from home.

Jeremy says he is like an open book and tells people more than they probably want to know about him. However, he doesn't think many know that he dislikes politics, even though his area of specialty is political sociology. He says politics frustrate him, because he feels many politicians are not in it for the right reasons. This is why Jeremy focuses his research on political violence and terrorism.

Jeremy likes outdoor activities because of his upbringing in Wyoming. He enjoys fly fishing, mountain biking and snowmobiling. He also likes to travel, which led him to spending two months in India.

Through the Deepahalli - Dayton Program, Jeremy taught in Bangalore, India this summer and last summer. He taught sociology to the Indian brothers. The Marianists take classes taught by UD professors and will get their degree from the University of Dayton but are living in India. Last summer, Jeremy took his two daughters with him for the entire two months and his wife joined them later in the trip. Not only did Jeremy work while in India, but he also had an amazing family vacation. A highlight from his trip was getting to pet an elephant.