Get to know Jeremy Mlazovsky

Jeremy MlazovskyJeremy's interest in computers began when his family bought their first computer at the beginning of Jeremy's freshman year of high school. During the first week of school, one of Jeremy's friends gave him a game to play on the computer. The game had a virus and wiped the entire hard drive. Jeremy was scared to tell his parents that he had broke the computer they just purchased. So he took matters into his own hands and tried to fix the computer himself. Not only did Jeremy fix the damage caused by the virus, he made the computer work even better than it had before. He continued to learn new skills and techniques about computers and began helping other people who had computer problems. After discovering his talent for fixing computers, Jeremy knew he wanted a career that involved computers.

In 1995, Jeremy started his freshman year at the University of Dayton. During his junior year, he began a co-op with UDit. He was hired as a full-time employee before he even graduated. Jeremy became more involved with projects as time went on. In 2007, Jeremy applied for and got the position as the College of Arts and Sciences IT Director. This was the position Jeremy had always wanted and he knew he wanted to stay at UD.

Jeremy and his staff are responsible for supporting faculty and staff in the College of Arts and Sciences with their technological needs. Jeremy oversees his staff and student workers to make sure the College's technology is up-to-date and working efficiently. He makes sure that all classrooms and computer labs are maintained and upgraded.

More about Jeremy Mlazovsky

If Jeremy did not have to work anymore, he would want to do something related to cooking or preparing food. When his first child was born, Jeremy was put on food duty. He was not content with just making basic foods and began experimenting with cooking. He now has a collection of cookbooks and food magazines. Jeremy sees cooking as programming with food instead of computers. Cooking has also become a family activity. He and his two daughters, who are three and five years old, often bake brownies and cakes together.

Jeremy is an extreme Cleveland Browns fan. His office is decorated with Browns memorabilia. Jeremy hopes one day that the Browns will play in the Super Bowl. It is on Jeremy's bucket list to attend a Super Bowl with the Browns playing.

The one thing Jeremy enjoys most about his job is the freedom that Dean Benson and Dr. Mary Brown have given him. They trust and support him with the projects he wants to do. He also enjoys experimenting with different ways to integrate new technologies into the classroom.

Recently, Jeremy and his wife celebrated their 10 year anniversary by spending a week in Seattle. They enjoyed having a vacation without the children, since they could do things they normally can't when the children are with them. They were able to go hiking, travel around the city and eat at nice restaurants.