Get to Know Dr. Shannon Driskell

Shannon DriskellDr. Shannon Driskell enjoys helping others learn about math. As an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics, Shannon's job responsibilities are to educate students studying to be teachers at the elementary, middle and secondary school levels. However, Shannon takes her teaching beyond the classroom and incorporates her desire to educate others into many other areas.

Before working at the University of Dayton, Shannon was a middle school teacher. This is when Shannon realized she could help others have a stronger understanding of mathematics. Shannon observed that the other teachers she worked with felt insecure with their knowledge. She thought that she could have a profound impact by teaching them how to be more comfortable and confident in their knowledge and teaching abilities.

Now, Shannon enjoys challenging pre-service teachers and providing them with a rich background in mathematics. She likes being able to interact with her students and getting to know them and support them through their educational careers.

Beyond the classroom, Shannon has been working on new programs, products and research to enhance the field of mathematics education. Shannon is currently working with her colleague Dr. Becky Krakowski to develop a new graduate curriculum. The program is designed to help enhance mathematical pedagogical knowledge for teachers of grades 9-12. Also, Shannon is working on a product that will help students better understand quadrilaterals. Since the product is still in the development stages, not much can be revealed at this time. Along with these projects, Shannon is also conducting research with five other colleagues in which they are analyzing 1800 articles. Through this project, researchers can learn what areas in mathematics education need more attention and can fill those gaps with new knowledge.

More about Dr. Shannon Driskell

If Shannon didn't have to work anymore she would stay home with her children more. She would also want to volunteer with the elderly community, helping them with their daily activities.

Shannon believes most people wouldn't know that she used to be a competitive swimmer.  During her time as an undergraduate at Edinboro University, Shannon was an All-American athlete. Shannon's hobbies include swimming, sports, working out, photography and gardening.

Recently Shannon was on sabbatical which gave her time to focus on her research. Another exciting event in Shannon's life has been watching her oldest son learn to read. Also, Shannon was the recipient of the College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Award for Outstanding Teaching.