Get to know Carol Wilbanks

Carol WilbanksOn her third position at the University of Dayton, Carol Wilbanks, senior administrative assistant in the Department of English, has found a home she hopes to stay with until her retirement. This year celebrates Carol’s 10th year at the University. Carol first worked in the Department of Mechanical Engineering as an administrative assistant for five years and then moved to Wright Patterson Air Force Base where she worked as an employee for the University of Dayton Research Institute. Carol worked at WPAFB as a financial analyst for four years. While working for UDRI, Carol decided she wanted to move onto something new. The Department of English had an opening for an administrative assistant position. Carol applied for the position on the last day it was available! Now, Carol is in her first year in the Department of English.

Carol enjoys working for the Department of English and the University of Dayton because she enjoys the culture of UD. She says UD's culture is not too corporate; it has a friendly atmosphere with a positive mission. It is a business she can be proud to work for. Carol enjoys the faculty, staff and students in the Department of English. She says everyone is nice and the students remind her of her own children. She just wants to take care of them. Besides helping students with whatever they may need, Carol also helps prepare the composite, manage the budget and prepare marketing materials for the Department.

More about Carol Wilbanks

ArtworkIf Carol didn't have to work anymore, Carol would have plenty of hobbies to keep her busy. Carol likes to paint, play piano, read, relax and travel. Carol started painting as a side job when she was a stay-at-home mother. She began to sell her artwork to have extra income. However, she says that it is hard to sell something she is passionate about.  She would like to paint whatever she wants. Yet, people would rather have her create drawings of their homes and portraits of their children.

Carol's artwork is not only on display in customers houses, but also in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and in the Ohio State House. Carol created a collage for the Department of Mechanical Engineering's office while she worked in that area. Carol's brother is a state representative and asked her to create a collage about Ohio for him to hang in his office. She designed a collage made of wood and now her art is displayed in the Ohio State House.

The most exciting events in Carol's life right now are having her artwork displayed in the State House and starting her new job. She says that it was a true blessing that she got the position in the Department of English.Artwork