Get to know Dr. Tereza Szeghi

Tereza SzeghiFor Dr. Tereza Szeghi, assistant professor in the Department of English, the University of Dayton is a perfect match. Tereza grew up in Cincinnati and earned her B.A. from the University of Cincinnati. She went on to receive her M.A. and PhD from the University of Arizona. Tereza wanted to move closer to her hometown and when she found a job opening in her area of specialty at UD, she knew it would be a perfect fit. Tereza has been at the University for three years now and enjoys being a member of the UD community. One characteristic that had originally attracted Tereza to UD is the fact that the University is committed to social justice. Issues of social justice are incorporated into Tereza's teaching, research and personal life.

Growing up, Tereza's family frequently traveled to the West. These trips helped Tereza to become aware of different ethnicities at a young age. She began to develop an interest in different cultures and cultural identities. This led her to focus her studies in American Indian, Latino/a and American literature more generally. Some of Tereza's current research interests deal with cultural identity and cross-cultural representations in American Indian and Latino/a literatures.

More about Tereza Szeghi

If Tereza did not have to work anymore, she would still want to conduct research. However, she would want to write more creatively. She would also want to spend more time with her friends and family.

Tereza thinks that most people wouldn't know that she wants to learn how to ballroom dance.

Aspects of her job that Tereza enjoys the most are the support she receives for her research and that she has the freedom to research the topics she likes. She also enjoys that there are many opportunities for her to participate in service projects that incorporate social justice.

Items on Tereza's bucket list include: sky diving, deep sea diving and hang gliding. Tereza likes to be outside and enjoys activities like hiking and running.

Getting her job at the University of Dayton has been an exciting event in Tereza's life. She was happy to get the position since it fit so well with her life. Also exciting for Tereza is that she recently bought her first home.