Get to know Dr. David Watkins

Dr. David Watkins, assistant professor in the Department of Political Science, became interested in politics at a young age.  He remembers watching news coverage of the fall of the Berlin Wall and Collapse of Eastern Europe and thinking how interesting it was that people were so moved by the political power in Eastern Europe. David was interested in the influence that politics could have on people. He never lost that interest and studied political science in college. Because of his passion for politics, David thrived in college. While as an undergraduate student at Western Washington University, David learned that he could continue his education at the graduate level and take on a role as a teaching assistant. He liked the idea of staying in academia and continued his studies at the University of Washington. After receiving his PhD, he began applying for jobs and the University of Dayton was the first school to offer him a position.

Now at UD, David teaches the political theory courses. The course is an introductory class that focuses on political systems around the world. David says it is a fun course to teach because through the course students come to the realization that there are different political systems throughout the world. David has also been developing new courses for the Department that focus on democracy and democratization around the world.

More about Dr. David Watkins

If David didn't have to work anymore, he would want to continue to teach and conduct research, but at a much more relaxed pace. He would also want to travel as much as he could afford.

David's favorite aspect of his job is the intellectual freedom he has in his teaching and research. 

One thing on David's bucket list is to travel to the small towns and villages in Eastern Europe, especially the town where his grandmother grew up in Slovakia. His grandmother lived in Slovakia until she married a GI during WWII and then moved to the United States with her husband.

David grew up in the state of Washington and as a result developed an interest in the beverages the state is known for; beer and coffee. David used to roast his own coffee and brew his own beer. However, he now lives in an apartment and doesn't have room to make his own coffee and beer. Once he gets his own house, he wants to start the hobby up again.

The most exciting thing for David right now is that through faculty initiatives, he will be traveling to China next summer.