Get to know Jan Bertke

Jan BertkeRight after graduating high school, Jan Bertke began working at Sinclair Community College. Her next job was at NCR. However, she missed the academic environment and wanted to get back into that area. She enjoys watching people learn and likes being a part of that process. Jan knew some people who worked at the University of Dayton and thought that it would be a good place for her to work, as well. Jan applied for a Senior Administrative Assistant position in the Department of Biology. She started working in the Department in February 2011.

Jan has many responsibilities in the Biology Department. She helps students with everyday questions and takes care of the student payroll. She also keeps track of the Department by handling the budget and purchasing and assisting the chair.

More about Jan Bertke

If Jan didn't have to work anymore she would want to volunteer at a children’s hospital. When she was a child, Jan was sick and had to stay at a children's hospital. During her time at the hospital, she saw the kids who didn't have anyone. Jan would want to be able to stay with those children.

Jan thinks most people wouldn't know that she has nine siblings and her husband also has nine siblings! More shocking is that all of the siblings live in the Dayton area. She even has many family members who work at UD.

Jan enjoys the variety of her job. She does not do the same thing every day. She is always busy with new activities to keep her occupied.

One thing on Jan's bucket list is to travel across the United States.

With having so many siblings, Jan spends a lot of time with her family. She says they are always planning parties. Jan and her family also go to her parents cabin in Michigan every summer. They have been going every year since 1969.

The most exciting thing that has happened to Jan recently is that she became a grandmother. Her grandson just turned one year old this past December.