Get to know John Siler and Dustin Bucher

John Siler and Dustin Bucher were hired to work for the College of Arts and Sciences IT Unit within nine days of each other. John was hired on June 11, 2011 and Dustin was hired June 20. They both are IT Support Specialists and their job responsibilities include fixing computers or helping with computer problems that the CAS faculty and staff may have. They also get to research new technologies before they are implemented throughout the College.

While both John and Dustin have the same job, they also share other commonalities. For example, both John and Dustin did not receive degrees involving computers or technology. John received a degree in industrial technology, while Dustin received a degree in environmental management.  Even though they did not get degrees in their current work area, they both have always had an interest in computers. This interest in computers led them both to make career changes. John used to work as a machinist, operating heavy machines. One day at work, he broke his back. Needless to say, John had to find a new career. He received his A+ Certification, an exam that demonstrates basic skills that computer technicians should know, and began working with computers. Dustin tried finding jobs in environmental management, but was having a hard time. He, too, received his A+ Certification and began working in tech support. He used to work for the Geek Squad. However, he wanted a job that would provide him the opportunity to get his master's degree. UD provided him with that opportunity.

John SilerMore about John Siler

If John did not have to work anymore, he would still want to do what he is doing now. Computers used to be his hobby, so he wouldn't want to stop doing something he likes to do.

John believes one thing that most people wouldn't know about him is that he helped to create the A+ Certification test. John had been posting comments to CompTIA's website, the company that developed the A+ Certification test. The company wanted to redesign the test and contacted John to see if he would help them. The company flew him to Chicago so he could help to update the test.

One thing John enjoys most about his job is that he gets to test new technologies to see if they should be implemented in the College. He also enjoys the fact that gets to make people happy by fixing their computers.

John's bucket list includes traveling outside of the US, maybe Europe.

The most exciting thing that has happened to John recently is that he helped his two daughters with their science fair projects, and they both received As! He was happy that he could help them get good grades.

Dustin BucherMore about Dustin Bucher

If Dustin did not have to work anymore, he would want to take it easy. He would play more video games and go camping.

Dustin thinks most people wouldn't know that he really likes the medieval time period. Last year, he dressed up as a Scotsman with a kilt and all.

Dustin enjoys many aspects of his job. He especially likes his work environment; because he likes the people he works with and feels they create a positive atmosphere. He also enjoys getting to meet people. Every time he fixes a faculty or staff member’s computer, he gets to meet someone new and learn about that person.

One thing on Dustin's bucket list is to go bungee jumping. He likes adventurous things and has already gone parachuting twice.

The most exciting thing that has happened to Dustin recently was moving in with his girlfriend. They both just recently moved to Dayton to start new jobs.