Get to know Tremon Kizer

Tremon KizerWhat originally led Tremon Kizer to the University of Dayton was the University's mission statement: Learn, Lead, and Serve. He liked that he could incorporate his faith into his teaching, which he was unable to do when teaching at public schools. He felt that he could help serve the community through the marching band.

Tremon oversees the Pride of Dayton Marching Band and the Concert Band. He also teaches music education courses, as well as a History of American Music course. Tremon is also in charge of editing the alumni newsletter. Outside of his responsibilities at UD, Tremon works with local high school bands by conducting clinics and consulting with the bands.

While Tremon has many job responsibilities, he does not consider what he does as work. He enjoys what he does and sees it as a hobby. Tremon says it is an honor that he can have his hobby as his profession. He appreciates that he can help students become what they want to be.  Tremon likes working with students and that is what led him to his career path. Originally, when Tremon started college, he was a business and finance major.  He soon realized that he would not have many opportunities to work with kids. This influenced him to change his degree to music education. Now, he has a job he enjoys, and every day he gets to help students get ready to "take over the world."

More about Tremon Kizer

Tremon thinks most people wouldn't know that he does not eat meat, he enjoys running half marathons, he likes to play chess, and he likes being a daredevil.

The one aspect Tremon enjoys most about his job is the interactions with his students. He likes helping his students and setting them up for success. Tremon says it is rewarding when he sees the light bulb go on for his students.

Tremon has many activities on his bucket list. He wants to visit South Africa, go to the Olympics, go to the Super Bowl, and see his alma mater (Kansas State) play in a National Championship game for both football and basketball.

When Tremon has free time, he enjoys working out at the RecPlex and spending time with the people he cares about, his family and friends.

When asked, "What is the most exciting thing that has happened to you recently?" Tremon responded that he has a unique life and there are always exciting things happening. However, an extra exciting event for Tremon is that he just got engaged!