Get to know Dr. Lynne Yengulalp

Lynne YengulalpAfter graduating from the University of Kansas with her Ph.D., Lynne Yengulalp, assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics, was looking for a job at a university that required excellence in teaching and research. When Lynne saw a job posting for the University of Dayton, she knew the school fit her criteria. Also, Lynne is originally from Ohio, and it was nice for her to move back to the state. Lynne is now in her third year at UD. She teaches a variety of courses, as she teaches courses for students who are mathematics majors and non-majors. Every class she teaches is different, which makes it fun. Lynne also enjoys her research. She conducts research in the area of topology, which is an area of study that looks at abstract surfaces.

More about Dr. Lynne Yengulalp

If Lynne did not have to work anymore, she would want to continue to learn. She doesn't think she could ever stop her research. She doesn't consider conducting research as work. Lynne enjoys her research and would want to keep studying mathematics. However, she would also like to learn new languages and study another area in science.

Lynne thinks most people would be surprised to know that she can speak fluent Turkish. Lynne's husband is from Turkey, and she wanted to be able to communicate with his family. While getting her Ph.D., Lynne took classes to learn Turkish. Lynne also thinks most people wouldn't know that she rides motorcycles.

While Lynne enjoys the teaching and research aspects of her job, she truly enjoys the fact that she continually gets to meet new people.

One thing on Lynne's bucket list is to go on a motorcycle trip around Iceland. She has never been to Iceland and thinks it would a beautiful place to ride her motorcycle.

Lynne loves to bake bread and likes to cook. She likes learning about new cuisines and trying to prepare new meals.

This past summer, Lynne traveled to Turkey for the first time to visit her husband's family. This week, Lynne will be traveling to Mexico for a conference. This coming summer, Lynne is going to the Netherlands. She will be quite busy with all her travels.