Get to Know Dr. Erin O'Mara

Erin O'MaraDr. Erin O'Mara, assistant professor in the Department of Psychology, always had an interest in psychology. As an undergraduate student, she took a health psychology course. She enjoyed learning about how people's self-views affect their well-being and health. She wanted to continue to study this area and found her niche when getting her PhD. After receiving her Ph.D., Erin was looking for a job at a university that had a master's program and strong undergraduate program in psychology. She also wanted a school that had an equal focus on research and teaching. The University of Dayton offered exactly what she was looking for in a job. Erin said if she were to construct the perfect job, it would look just like her job here at UD. Erin is finishing up her first year at UD and is enjoying teaching, researching and working with students.

More about Dr. Erin O'Mara

If Erin didn't have to work anymore, she would want to travel to all the places she hasn't visited, such as Asia, Africa and South America. However, while traveling she would want to observe and study the different cultures.

Erin thinks most people wouldn't know that she was a Division I athlete for all four years of undergraduate. She was on the women's lacrosse team at Quinnipiac University. Erin is still playing lacrosse. She plays for the Cincinnati Queens and they travel around playing other lacrosse teams.

Mentoring undergraduate and graduate students is Erin's favorite part of her job. She enjoys helping her students grow as researchers and scholars. She also likes to see her students develop an excitement and understanding for what they are learning.

Visiting Argentina is on the top of Erin's bucket list, and she will be visiting the country this summer. She also wants to get published in the Psychological Bulletin and go hang gliding.

Erin's biggest hobby is gardening. She also likes to do arts and crafts and likes to run. She likes to compete in 5k races, because she is able to help raise money for charities.

The most exciting things that have happened to Erin recently are: she received her first national grant, she had a paper accepted that she had been working on for five years, and she had her research published in Women's Day Magazine.  She was excited to have her research published in the magazine, because now her research is reaching a wide range of people.