Get to know Dr. Alexus McLeod

Alexus McLeodDr. Alexus McLeod, assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy, studied physics at the beginning of his undergraduate career. During one semester, Alexus took a logic course and Chinese class. He enjoyed both classes. He soon realized that he could combine both interests. Alexus has been studying and researching Chinese philosophy ever since.

Alexus has been at the University of Dayton for three years. Like most people, Alexus was attracted to the campus during his visit and knew that the University would be a good fit for him. Alexus is currently busy with his side projects of writing a book and developing new courses for the Philosophy Department.

More about Dr. Alexus McLeod

If Alexus didn't have to work anymore, he would still want to keep studying Chinese philosophy. He likes what he does and wouldn't want to stop. However, he would like to write more fiction, as he is currently working on a novel, but doesn't have as much time as he would like to work on it.

Alexus thinks most people wouldn't know that taekwondo is one of his hobbies.

Learning and scholarship are what Alexus enjoys most about his job. Alexus likes learning about new things and his job provides him with the opportunity to continually learn.

One thing on Alexus's bucket list would be to get a PhD in physics, because that is the area he was interested in before philosophy.

Alexus and his children have recently started an aquarium at their home. Taking care of the fish and the aquarium has become a new hobby for Alexus and his family. Alexus also enjoys math. In his spare time, he likes to read mathematical journals and work on problems for fun.

The most exciting thing that has happened to Alexus lately is that he went on the faculty trip to China last summer.