Welcome from Dean Paul H. Benson

Paul H. BensonDear faculty and staff members in the College of Arts and Sciences,

Welcome to the College’s new channel on Porches. We hope to use this venue to foster and support collegiality across the College, while having some fun at the same time. As we have many new staff and faculty colleagues in the College, we will try to stimulate new collaborations and working relationships by posting on a regular basis short, personal profiles of Arts and Sciences faculty and staff. I hope that these profiles will pique your interest in who your colleagues are, what they do, and what they care about. The profiles are designed to be fun and engaging.

Lindsey DiTirro, a graduate student in Communication and a student worker in our office, has produced the initial sets of profiles for the channel. Please thank Lindsey for her work and keep an eye out for the first profiles, on Karen Gibson and Cathy Waag, the administrative staff in the Department of Communication. We also will use the channel to share some general information of wide interest, such as the topics discussed at the open conversations that I host over breakfast and lunch each semester with staff and faculty. We will not use the channel for dissemination of formal College policies or committee business, however. Other effective means exist to handle such formal communication within the College.

I invite your ideas about how we can make this channel lively and enjoyable. Please bear in mind that our office does not have the ability to dedicate a major part of a staff person’s time to work on the site. We are interested in creative ideas that can be executed with ease.

I hope that you enjoy the channel and share your thoughts about how best to develop it.

Paul H. Benson
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences