Get to know Dr. Daniel Fouke

Daniel FoukeDr. Dan Fouke, professor of Philosophy, has always been an environmentalist and that is what truly inspires his research, teaching and service. Dan's passion for the environment motivated him to become part of the committee that created the Sustainability, Energy and the Environment (SEE) curriculum. Dan used what he learned from attending SENCER Institutes to help develop an SEE minor and SEE LLC. His initiatives have also led him to help with the Common Academic Program Crossing Boundaries courses.

Dan teaches Environmental Ethics and Sustainability Research courses. Through these classes, he motivates his students and they motivate him, because he can see them improve, gain skills and do interesting and surprising things. Dan's classes are also a part of the SEE LLC. He enjoys being able to see the first-year students start in the program and then continue to grow and develop throughout their years at the University.

More about Dr. Dan Fouke

If Dan did not have to work anymore, he would want to continue helping the environment. Specifically, he would want to work more on a piece of land he and his wife own. In 1995, the Foukes bought ruined land and are trying to turn it into a wild life habitat. Dan doesn't think most people are aware of how hard he and his wife work on the ecological restoration of their land.

Traveling to a rain forest in Costa Rica is one item on Dan's bucket list. The only problem with this goal is that Dan doesn't like to travel.

Dan is excited that he and his wife are having success in restoring their land. Recently, they were able to propagate wild flowers on their land, which is a hard task to accomplish.