Get to know Dr. Richard Chenoweth

Richard ChenowethDr. Richard Chenoweth, professor of horn and Graul Chair in Arts and Languages, grew up in a musical home. Both his parents are musicians. Richard's mother played piano and his father was an opera singer. His parents were active musicians in the community. In a way, music chose Richard. Originally, Richard was a singer. However, he was in a car accident at the age of 16 and was unable to sing anymore. Richard then decided to become a horn player, because he believes the instrument makes the most beautiful sound in the world.

Richard taught at another university close to the University of Dayton for 10 years before taking a position at UD. Richard appreciated the values that UD had and thought the University would be a good fit for him. Richard has been at UD for 29 years. He also has a daughter who is now an instructor at UD.

More about Dr. Richard Chenoweth

If Richard did not have to work anymore, he would want to spend more time training his hunting dogs. Currently, Richard is training his German short hair pointer, Homer. He spends a lot of time in the field training his dog. Homer even runs two miles a day on the treadmill. Richard says that watching a hunting dog in the field is like a ballet; it is truly magical.

Richard has a reputation of being a tough guy, but he does have a soft side. He doesn't think many people have seen that side of him.

Richard likes being able to teach horn to students. His students are what he enjoys the most about his job. He says they are like a daily renewable source of energy.

For the past 50 years, Richard has been playing in the orchestra. Even though he has retired from the Dayton Philharmonic, he still plays with them at times. Recently, while playing at the Cincinnati Ballet, Richard saw a man in the audience crying, because he was truly enjoying the experience. Richard says it is moments like these that keep him playing and reminds him of why he enjoys what he does.