Get to know Dr. Ruihua Liu

Ruihua Liu"I always liked mathematics. Mathematics started becoming my favorite subject when I was in middle school," states Dr. Ruihua Liu, associate professor in the Department of Mathematics.

Liu believes that his mother most likely was the reason he liked mathematics at an early age. His mother taught mathematics at the middle school and elementary school level for over 30 years. Liu is still curious and interested in the field of mathematics. He enjoys reading articles, thinking about new research projects and working on problems.

Liu explains, "It makes me very happy each time I complete a project."

This interest and passion serve as his motivation to dedicate so much time and effort to his scholarship. Liu has authored and co-authored 40 published papers, including 26 peer-refereed journal articles, 4 book chapters, 9 papers in refereed conference proceedings and 1 book review. Many of these publications have appeared in some of the most prestigious journals in the field.

Liu's scholarship focuses on operations management, stochastic control and optimization and computational finance. His research interests directly support his role as a faculty member in the Professional Science Masters Program in Financial Mathematics at the University of Dayton. Financial mathematics is an area that is closely related to real-world applications. This real-world application has brought interest to the program, which has helped the program to grow rapidly in recent years. Liu incorporates his research into his classes by introducing new topics and ideas to students and by working on scholarly projects with his students.

In addition to incorporating his research into his teaching, Liu is also working with several collaborators on developing fast and accurate algorithms for pricing complex financial derivatives.

"We have obtained several very good methods," Liu stated. "This is very exciting!"

Liu states that he has many research projects that will keep him busy for the next few years. However, he is hoping to start applying his research to help solve problems in engineering fields. He wants to start collaborating with faculty from the School of Engineering to help with this new project.