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Get to know Darla Titus

Darla TitusDarla Titus is one of those lovely people with an infectious laugh. When Darla first talks to you it is overwhelmingly apparent that she is a happy, kind, and honest person. Darla is currently an administrative assistant in the Department of Geology. She laughingly tells me, "I have a preference for work that involves face-to-face time with people, I just love people."

Darla first entered administrative work early on as a savings and loans accountant before moving on to work for the NCR Corporation. She performed many roles during her 20 plus years with the company. She was an administrative assistant, a business support specialist, an account billing specialist, a team support specialist, as well as an account support specialist. After her career with NCR, Darla decided a change in pace was needed and headed to the University of Dayton. She worked as an administrative assistant for the Criminal Justice Studies program for 12 years before moving to the Department of Geology in August 2013. Darla also works part-time as a member service specialist at the YMCA of Greater Dayton.

Darla told me that coming to the University of Dayton was a very good decision for her at the time. "The atmosphere is wonderful here, the students are so respectful, and everyone is very warm and friendly," she says smiling deeply. Darla truly loves the UD life. She takes advantage of classes every chance she gets. "Never miss an opportunity to learn new things," Darla tells me with the serious look of a mother.

Darla is in fact a mother first and foremost. She has been married to her loving husband for 34 years, and they have 2 beautiful daughters and 3 young grandchildren, all below five years of age. Both of her daughters are in the medical care field. Her oldest is currently a nurse and her youngest is in school to become an RN herself. Her husband is retired and she loves to be able to spend time with him now and just be silly again. She is very close with both of her parents who are pushing their 90s.

Darla recently traveled with her father to Alaska to complete his bucket list of seeing all 50 states. Darla only has 14 or so more states to go to finish off her list. She loves to travel and hopes to take her family on an RV road trip through the Southwest to see the Grand Canyon and the Pacific coast. She told me of her early adventures through Germany to Portugal by train. Darla is a fun loving adventurer and still takes time for long walks and bike rides. In quiet times she loves to spend time with family, watch basketball, and maybe play some Candy Crush.

Her advice to students is to have fun and be yourself, because you will like the real you most. "If you don’t like yourself then no one else will, so just be who you are," she tells me with a wise chuckle. Darla is a lovely new gem in the Department of Geology and the University of Dayton is happy to be her latest adventure.