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Get to know David Navarro

David NavarroWhen first meeting David Navarro it is strikingly clear that he has seen a much larger world than most people. David is a lecturer here at the University of Dayton, teaching Spanish I and II, Spanish Composition I and Intensive Fundamental Spanish.

Spanish is of course David’s native tongue, since he was born and raised in Madrid. He attended the University of Valladolid in Spain where he earned a B.S. in English Studies. He then moved to Dublin, Ireland where he lived for nine years, working in business and finance. He decided to pursue a Masters and Ph.D. in Ontario, Canada. He earned his Ph.D.  from the department of Hispanic Studies at Western University. David has been involved with work on two books, two book reviews, and 14 articles. He has also taught as a visiting lecturer at Bates College in Maine.

David speaks Spanish, English and Italian. His great passion for Medieval Spanish literature was fueled by an interest in castles and chivalry, but he also harbors a deep interest in what he calls “an interfaith dialogue.” David was raised in a Catholic and Jewish household and through study he has discovered that his “personal history of faith has become very important.” David smiles at me deeply when I ask how a person comes to be in between two faiths. “I have learned to realize truths in both faiths,” he imparts with a wise glance.

He is an intense listener who is very contemplative when engaging in conversation. He shares wisdom and advice in a way that has made him an ideal teacher and advisor. He told me of his travels throughout the world. He has been to Spain, Ireland, Canada, Israel, and Southern Mexico. “I love to travel,” David tells me with excitement.

If he could travel anywhere in the world he would love to go back to Israel to experience kibbutz life. Kibbutz is a collective community in Israel that is traditionally based on agriculture. When in a kibbutz, members take part in farming and traditional rituals of the life style. David told me that he would love to live in this way for a month in order to experience the tradition. David is an involved individual who tries to volunteer wherever he can and he has worked in many different organizations, including volunteer work as an interpreter for immigrants in Canada.

In his spare time David loves to work out, cook, and travel. His favorite dishes include Irish classics such as Shepard’s pie and Guinness stew. He is close to his family and tries to visit them when he can. His mother and sister live in Madrid, and his brother lives in Ireland. Both of his siblings are married and have a child each. He is very fond of his little niece and nephew.

David loves living in downtown Dayton where he can have access to the Neon and the Oregon District. He likes European films like Black Book. He enjoys intense television shows like Mad Men, Homeland, and Orange is the New Black. All in all David is very sweet natured and is quite cosmopolitan.

His best advice is, “Be patient, believe in yourself, and fight for your passions, because with patience and diligence you will get through. Just learn how to listen and you will go far.” David is a welcome new voice in the department of Global languages and Cultures here at the University of Dayton.