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Get to know Marianne Engle

Marianne EngleMarianne Engle exudes an enthusiasm for the entirety of the human experience. When she talks about teaching psychology it becomes abundantly clear that she does it because she truly loves it. She loves the complex nature of solving a problem, the intricacy of understanding human behavior. "Who isn't interested in human behavior?" Marianne states with a laugh. She is first and foremost a teacher and has wanted to teach since she was very young. Psychology offered her the opportunity to explore her curiosity and teach at the same time. She earned her B.S in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, along with associate degrees in mathematics and Spanish. She then went on to earn an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Psychology from Indiana University, with an emphasis in animal behavior. She worked with starlings and the implications of their bird song. She is fascinated by the cognitive implications of psychology.

Marianne loves to learn new things, which is why she loves to teach, "it is so fun to teach new things because you get to be there to watch learning happen," she tells me in explanation. Some of the classes she teaches include General Psychology, Biopsychology, Research Methods, Behavioral Statistics, and the social sciences course within the new Common Academic Program. The course is titled "Deconstructing Dinner: How and why we eat as we do," which approaches the topic from an economic, psychological, and anthropologic view.

Outside of school, Marianne is an avid bike rider and loves to ride whenever she can. She married her husband Ken, an architect, about 4 years ago and has been in love with the new adventure ever since. "As a psychologist, getting married offered a whole new chance to observe and analyze," she told me jokingly. She is a very funny, adventurous, analytical person who strives to embrace all the new experiences she can. Marianne lives for the variety that life has to offer. She studied abroad in Scotland early in her education and if money were no object she would travel again just to take in the world. For their fifth wedding anniversary Marianne and Ken plan to take an international trip. She wants to really take in the people and places when she travels.

Marianne is also an artist. One of her favorite hobbies is to do metal and enamel working, which is powdered glass fused onto metal through heat. She mostly makes jewelry and finds that the more complex the piece, the more rewarding crafting it becomes. Problem solving is very fun and exciting for Marianne, which explains some of her favorite TV shows and movies. She loves Bones and X-Files for all the problem solving that goes on. Beyond that “I love a good villain,” she confesses of her movie preferences. Her favorite characters are complex.

Marianne herself is complex and interesting. She loves to consume new experiences and take in new information. She is a consummate learner which makes her a driven teacher. Despite her openness she is an introvert at heart who loves to be refreshed by alone time and reflection. Marianne's advice to other people is, "Be open to new adventures, new places, people and things. You won't regret it." Ultimately, Marianne is a thoughtful and enthusiastic member of the Department of Psychology here at the University of Dayton.