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Get to know Beth Walter

Beth WalterBeth Walter’s enthusiasm is contagious and she shows it with every smile. Beth is a lecturer in communication here at UD. She has always wanted to be a teacher and has found UD to be exactly what she was looking for. Beth began her early studies in philosophy before taking a class in communication ethics. This connection of her two interests set her on the path toward communication. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Philosophy from Carlow University before heading to Duquesne University. At Duquesne Beth earned an M.A. in Philosophy and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Rhetoric. She teaches Oral Communication, Interpersonal Communication, and participates in curriculum development for the Common Academic Program. For Beth, communication is important because, “it is common to every person’s everyday experience, and it embraces all aspects of the human experience.”

Beth hopes to focus more research on the intersection of communication, culture, and social media. Her work is very research intensive and is considered interpretive, which requires a very close relationship with her work. She is very passionate about the teaching that she does. She loves teaching communication because, “I get the opportunity to really watch individual growth as the students grow in confidence and really find their own voice,” she says with a glow of pride. Beth hopes to be able to show all of her students the impact of communication in their lives.

Outside of the classroom, Beth has always held a deep passion for dance. For 15 years, between her undergraduate and graduate studies, she ran a dance studio in Pittsburgh. She performs ballet and contemporary dance styles. Upon moving to Dayton earlier this year she has become involved with the UD dance ensemble and has taught a few classes. She hopes to have the chance to direct a public performance here on campus. Beth grew up dancing in Pittsburgh and became very close with her mother through dance. Her father died 20 years ago and since then, she and her mother have developed a very close bond. She visits her mother as often as she can.

Beth always makes sure to bring her two very smart dogs with her. Her dogs Heidi and Bella are her darling pets and she is a quite a dog person because “they really love unconditionally.” Beth has traveled to Italy and would love to do more traveling. If money were no object, Beth would travel to a Grecian island to relax, read, and dance. One of her guilty pleasures is dark chocolate and almonds, which really soothe her sweet tooth. Baking is also one of her favorite hobbies. She loves to cook because she finds it very relaxing.  Two of her favorite actors are Tom Hanks and Robin Williams because they have such diverse skills. Beth is a very kind, creative person who loves her new life here in Dayton.

“I hope people see me as someone who cares deeply for their work. Being a teacher makes me very proud and I know it will always be exactly what I want to do,” Beth tells me with deep sincerity. Throughout life Beth has learned many lessons but none as important as, “life is unexpected, so try not to over-plan. Embrace the unexpected, and know that perseverance is the key to handling anything life throws at you, so just embrace it. Keep going, you will find your way.” Ultimately, Beth is a key new member of the Department of Communication and we are proud to have her with us.