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Get to know Arnecia Patterson

Arnecia PattersonArnecia Patterson has come to her teaching career by way of two paths that she believes inform her role as a lecturer in the University of Dayton’s Department of English. As a former mediator at the Dayton Mediation Center, she knows how to really listen to what you are saying. This quality comes across in conversation with her; she is a kind and honest person - an open book - who expresses herself candidly. Patterson earned her undergraduate degree in Urban Planning from Wright State University. She is also a UD alumni, earning her MA here. Teaching composition and being a trained listener allows her to combine two loves, reading and writing. She encourages students to support writing with a stellar reading practice. "Books allow us to be our most human selves," she said. "We get to attend real and imaginary conversations and be stimulated to form ideas." Before joining the Department of English, Professor Patterson taught international students in the Intensive English Program at University of Dayton.

In her spare time, Patterson occasionally writes articles about professional dance for the Dayton City Paper. It is an extension of her other former career as an executive in the arts and culture field for which she continues to have great passion, specifically for dance. Her byline can be found in the arts and culture weekly when there is an upcoming Dayton Ballet or Dayton Contemporary Dance Company performance. Watching live dance and music performances is a favorite pastime. She loves classical, R&B, new indie bands, and jazz. Arnecia's expertise in performance places her in local and national conversations. She is a volunteer on Dayton's Governor's Awards for the Arts Nomination Committee and a panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington DC. Her work there helps determine which arts organizations in the United States will receive federal grants for their work.

Outside of her volunteer work Arnecia likes to travel and favors European cities that she has visited multiple times. Her favorite destination is Paris, France. She has been several times and would return in a heartbeat because, to her, Paris has "the feeling of a boutique, all the culture and amenities, yet so compact." She also enjoys London, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam. Stateside, her favorite places are New York City and San Francisco. In both NYC and San Fran, Arnecia finds the people, music, and food to be the biggest thrill of all. One day she hopes to visit Tokyo.

When posed with the selection of one guilty pleasure, she selects them all and labels them self-indulgence. Among them: good coffee, chocolate, powerful music, and Netflix marathons. She subscribes to a recent theory (posited in a Poets and Writers interview) that readers like Netflix marathons because consecutive television episodes simulate chapters of a book. This brings us back to her favorite hobby of all: reading. Her favorite book is A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain, by Robert Olen Butler, which is a collection of short stories that is, by Arnecia’s standards, "incredibly moving and well-written."

Clearly, Arnecia is an enthusiastic reader, writer and educator who is willing to put in the time and effort that needs to be invested, as often as necessary, to achieve success, because “that is high performance.” Not easily influenced by other people's opinions, she is her own unique self with an air of confidence. Her advice to young people is "you have to put in the work to earn the success."