Operations Manual

College Van Rental Procedures

To rent a vehicle from the College of Arts and Sciences:
  • Please contact Steve Pohlman at 937-229-2685 or via email at spohlman1@udayton.edu.
  • The borrower must be traveling on official University business.
  • Student organizations may rent a vehicle for academic purposes only. This does not include student athletic clubs. Students must provide the name of their advisor and fund number. The advisor must call to verify the reservation.
  • Driver must have completed the University Driver’s Training Course. If you have questions regarding the University Driver’s Training Course contact Sharon Gavlick at 937-229-4503.
  • The vehicles are located in Lot C next to O’Reilly Hall at the designated RR space. Please park the vehicles in the designated area upon return.


Rental Period up to 24 hours

(Pick up Monday - Thursday)

CAS Groups: $50;  Groups Outside of CAS: $75;  Mileage Rate: $1.00/mile

Weekend rate

(Pick up Friday & return Monday)

CAS Groups: $95;  Groups Outside of CAS: $125;  Mileage Rate: $1.00/mile

Any 48 hours during week

(Pick up M, T, W & return W, R, F)

CAS Groups: $95;  Groups Outside of CAS: $125;  Mileage Rate: $1.00/mile

Any three consecutive days

(Example: Pick up Friday & return Tuesday)

CAS Groups: $135;  Groups Outside of CAS: $160;  Mileage Rate: $1.00/mile

Each additional day beyond three days

CAS Groups: $40;  Groups Outside of CAS: $40;  Mileage Rate: $1.00/mile

Full week

CAS Groups: $295;  Groups Outside of CAS: $320;  Mileage Rate: $1.00/mile

Additional Fees

  • An additional $100.00 will be charged if the key is lost.  
  • An additional $100.00 will be charged if the battery is dead the next time the vehicle is used due to lights being left on.
  • In the event of damage, the CAS reserves the right to charge borrowing departments for insurance deductibles.

Gas Policy

The vehicle will be full upon pick up. The borrower is responsible for purchasing gas by using the Fleet Fueling Card located in the vehicle glove compartment.

NOTE: Borrowing departments will be charged for gas purchased.

Weather & Safety

Travel should be suspended if the National Weather Service has issued a traveler's advisory or predicts severe weather. The borrower is responsible for cleaning all snow and ice from the entire vehicle. An ice scraper is located inside the vehicle.

All persons riding in the vehicle must wear their seatbelt at all times when the vehicle is in motion.


College of Arts and Sciences

O'Reilly Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0800