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Administrative Policies & Procedures

1. CCPD: To access agendas and meeting minutes, log into Porches from link at right, click on the "Group" icon and choose the CCPD group. Click on "Files" under "Group Tools" on the left side of the screen. Click the arrow next to the current academic year to access meeting materials.

2. Strategic Planning Process

    a. Unit Review

    b. Workload

    c. Budget

3. Departmental Policies and Procedures

    a. Bylaws

    b. Departmental Meetings >>

    c. Designated Funds >>

    d. Faculty Designated Accounts >>

    e. Extra Compensation >>

    f. Reimbursements for faculty position campus interview expenses (pdf) >>

4. Facilities

    a. Office Space >>

    b. Refurbishment of Department and Faculty Offices >>

    c. Humanities Building

        • Room use policy >>

        • Sears Recital Hall Policy >>

    d. Science Center >>

    e. College Van >>

    f. Vehicle Use and Driver Certification >>

5. Technology

    a. Clarification of College Computing Policies >>

6. Travel >>

7. Grants and Contracts: CAS Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures for Externally Funded Research, Aug. 2014 (pdf) >>

   a. Using Pivot to search the Community of Scholars (COS) database (pdf) >>

8. Diversity: CAS Plan for Inclusive Excellence, Jan. 2011 (docx) >>

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