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Faculty Appointments

The College adheres to the general University policies regarding faculty recruitment and hiring (Faculty Handbook Section IV. 1.). Access the Faculty Handbook and other resources (www) >>

Upon appointment to the faculty, the new faculty member is given a letter of appointment, normally by the chairperson, clearly stating expectations and responsibilities. This statement should include, among other things, such items as the requirement, if pertinent, to complete the terminal degree; the departmental expectations regarding teaching, research, and research funding; the long range goals for this faculty member; his or her status regarding tenure; and any other stipulation which would impose a responsibility on the new person. Briefly, there should be nothing which would come as a surprise to the new faculty member at some later date when he or she is being evaluated by the department, nor should there be anything which would surprise the department or the administration at a later date when it is evaluating the faculty member's performance or discussing future goals.

Copies of all letters of appointment are kept in the files of the Office of the Dean and of the Office of the Provost.

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