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The Humanities Fellows Program, sponsored by a challenge grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, brings together faculty members from the School of Business Administration, the School of Education and Health Sciences, the School of Engineering, and the humanities departments of the College of Arts and Sciences for the purpose of faculty collaboration and curricular development. The program is designed to encourage faculty to work across disciplinary boundaries on projects that foster integrated learning and scholarship. While the program seeks primarily to promote curricular innovation, Humanities Fellows are also expected to engage in scholarship related to integrated learning and teaching across disciplines.

Inquiries about the Humanities Fellows Program should be addressed to:

  Dr. Don Pair
  Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  300 College Park
  Dayton, OH 45469-0800

Past Projects

2005-07 Humanities Fellows

  • Ethics and Gender: Peggy DesAutels (Philosophy) and Daniel Farhey (Civil and Environmental Engineering).
  • Undergraduate Research on Environmental Sustainability: Daniel Fouke (Philosophy) and Sukh Sidhu (Mechanical Engineering).
  • Ethics as Design: Brad Kallenberg (Religious Studies) and Andrew Murray (Mechanical Engineering).
  • The Language of Science: Monish Chatterjee (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Patricia Johnson (Philosophy).

2003-05 Humanities Fellows

  • To Civil Engineer is Human: John Heitmann (History) and Manoochehr Zoghi (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  • Developing a Standards-Based Graduate Program: Mary Sudzina (Teacher Education) and William Trollinger (History)
  • Integrating the Core Program and the Integrated Business Curriculum. (A continuation of a 2001 fellowship): Marilyn Fischer (Philosophy) and Rebecca Wells (Marketing)
  • Integrating Criminology and Accounting in the Teaching of Fraud Examination and White-Collar Crime. (A special Interdisciplinary Fellows team funded in 2003): Janet Greenlee (Accounting) and Art Jipson (Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies)

2001-03 Humanities Fellows

  • Constructing Civilization: Cities in Art and Civil Engineering: Joseph Saliba (Civil and Environmental Engineering) and Sean Wilkinson (Visual Arts)
  • Developing Strategies for Connecting Teacher Education and History Programs: William Losito (Teacher Education) and Laura Yungblut (History)
  • Integrating the Core Program and the Integrated Business Curriculum: Marilyn Fischer (Philosophy) and Rebecca Wells (Marketing)

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