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The chairperson of the department initially determines faculty salaries. He or she is normally assisted in this function by a committee established for this purpose. However, the responsibility and decisions are the chairperson's alone, not the committee's. This information is located in Section II.L of the Faculty Handbook. Access the Faculty Handbook and other resources (www) >>

The Dean functions in a similar role, stressing the achievement of equity among all the faculty salaries in the College. He or she reviews all salaries annually with this in mind and makes every effort to recognize the differences in contributions and merit among the faculty members so that salary differences are justified.

Salaries are normally for the nine-month period from August 16th through May 15th. During this period the faculty member is accountable to the chairperson for his or her contribution to the department, and is expected to be of normal service to the department and to the University through teaching, research, student advising, committee work, and other appropriate duties.

By exception some salaries compensate for a twelve-month period. Such exceptions occur when a department requires for its normal functioning a year's work from an individual faculty member or when outside funds support special projects for the faculty member.

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