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International Study Procedures

Study Abroad Programs at the University of Dayton are administered by the Center for International Programs. 

Study Abroad Check Sheet

Review your options with your advisor. Also check with Study Abroad Office (Zehler 205; 229-3534).
Apply. Plan ahead to meet any required deadlines.
Once you receive course options, review them with your advisor and make an appointment with your Assistant Dean to discuss equivalencies and transfer guidelines.
Check with Financial Aid to see if studying abroad has any impact on your financial aid status.
Before you leave, contact your Assistant Dean to be sure that you have been placed on the electronic roster for the term(s) you will be away. This means that you are actually registered for a non-course in the College called ABD-000-01.
Be sure you take your advisor's and your Assistant Dean's e-mail addresses as well as the web address for the Registrar's home page so that you can have access to Web Reg and to the on-line composite of classes.
Once you are on site, contact your Assistant Dean and your advisor with the specific courses you are taking.
As your registration period at UD comes up, contact your advisor and your Assistant Dean. Remember that registration processes usually begin in mid-October for the upcoming Winter term and in mid-March for both upcoming Summer and Fall terms.
Order a transcript and have it sent to the College at the mailing address shown below.

Contact the Office of the Dean 

Phone: 937-229-2603
Fax: 937-229-2615

Mailing Address:
College of Arts and Sciences
University of Dayton
300 College Park
Dayton, OH

Send transcripts to the attention of appropriate assistant dean. See list of assistant deans below.

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