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Senior Dinner

The Senior Dinner is the final social gathering of the graduating class (including graduate students) and is planned to be a joyous occasion, as well as an introduction into the Alumni Association. It is intended primarily for the students graduating, rather than for the faculty, although faculty may participate in it if they secure a ticket from the Dean's Office.

When the graduating class is large, as it is in May, the departments are usually given the option of having private dinners which include only the majors of their department. Departments can also form small dinner groups among themselves. When a graduating class is small, as in August, usually a single dinner is arranged for all the graduates of the University. Departments which prefer their own dinner, apart from the general College or University-wide dinner, will receive funds equal to those expended on each student who attends the dinner. The dollar amount can be ascertained from the Registrar's Office.

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