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Table of Contents

Academic and Administrative Calendar

College Organizational Chart and Directory of Chairs, Program Directors and Administrative Assistants

Academic Committees
1. Academic Affairs Committee
2. Committee on Mini-Courses
3. Committee on General Education and Competencies
4. Graduate Committee
5. Graduate Leadership Council
6. Academic Senate (www)

Personnel: Policies and Procedures
1. Chairpersons
2. Program Directors
3. Faculty
   a. Full-time tenure-track appointments
      • Faculty Appointments
      • Tenure & Promotion Policies & Procedures, approved 5-14-08 (doc)
      • Tenure
      • Academic Promotions
      • Salaries
      • Sabbatical Policy, Faculty Handbook (www), section XI. 3.
      • Procedures: Review of Tenured Faculty by Peers & Admin., approved 5-4-11 (doc)
      • Graduate Faculty Status (pdf)
      • Research Seed Grants (www)
   b. Other full-time faculty appointments
      • Non-Tenure-Track Faculty
      • In-residence
      • Visiting
      • Joint Appointments
   c. Part-time appointments
      • Part-time Faculty: A Statement of Practice (pdf)
      • Part-time Parking: Policies and Procedures        
   d. Hiring Procedures for Faculty
      • CAS Faculty Hiring Checklist (pdf)               
      • PeopleAdmin CAS Faculty Hiring (doc)     
      • PAF process
      • Exchange and visiting students and scholars
4. Endowed Chairs (www)
5. Faculty Awards
6. Humanities Fellows
7. Support Staff

Administration: Policies and Procedures
2. Strategic Planning Process
   a. Unit Review
   b. Workload
   c. Budget
3. Departmental Policies and Procedures
   a. Bylaws
   b. Departmental Meetings
   c. Designated Funds
   d. Faculty Designated Accounts
   e. Extra Compensation
4. Facilities
   a. Office Space
   b. Refurbishment of Department and Faculty Offices >>
   c. Humanities Building
      • Room use policy
      • Sears Recital Hall Policy
   d. Science Center
   e. College Van
   f. Vehicle Use and Driver Certification Policy
5. Technology
   a. Clarification of College Computing Policies
6. Travel
7. Grants and Contracts: CAS Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures for Externally Funded Research, Aug. 2014 (pdf)
   a. Using Pivot to search the Community of Scholars (COS) database (pdf)
8. Diversity: CAS Plan for Inclusive Excellence, Jan. 2011 (docx)

Student Affairs: Policies and Procedures

1. Advisement
2. Continuing Education (www)
3. Undergraduate Student Issues
   a. Academic Dismissal
   b. Dean's List
   c. Exam Schedule: Office of the Registrar (www)
   d. Grade Appeals
   e. MTH exceptions
   f. Transitional Readmission
   g. Transfer Credit (pdf)
4. Graduation
   a. Approval Process
   b. Senior Dinner
5. Student Awards
   a. Learn, Lead, Serve Awards Process (www)
   b. Donatelli Award
   c. Mann Award
6. International Study Procedures
7. Graduate Student Issues (www)

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