Humanities Commons

Humanities Commons Theme, Fall 2018:

Power and Vulnerability

This theme calls us to reflect on humanity at its best and its worst. Throughout our lives, we find ourselves vulnerable and in need of protection, care, and love. The ideas of power and vulnerability encompass the recognition that human beings and social structures are not created and maintained from a position of equality but from such dynamics as brute force, coercion, wealth, advantage, and other attributes that can lead to dominance of one group over another.

These concepts extend to issues of political and social justice, as well as interpersonal, business and other relationships. Power need not be oppressive, of course, and vulnerability need not be weakness. In addition, these two attributes may be juxtaposed at times in surprising ways, including in a single entity. Romantic and altruistic love, for example, is both powerful and includes allowing ourselves to be vulnerable to a beloved other or others.

In addition to providing tickets to Dracula: Bloodlines for all students in first-year Humanities Commons courses, the Humanities Commons is pleased to announce that this year we will host a student writing contest in Line-by-Line: A Journal of Beginning Student Writing, featuring University of Dayton student work, that will take place in connection with Dracula: Bloodlines.

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