Strange Likeness

Exhibitions of the 2013-2014 Academic Year

The Radial Gallery and other venues throughout the University showcase the work of our faculty and students, as well as the work of visiting artists. Read about our exhibitions in the Fall Term 2013 and Spring Term 2014.

A Strange Likeness: Perspectives on Contemporary Photographic Portraiture

This exhibition features works by Kelly Kristin Jones, Natalie Krick, and Xia Tio. The images examine the methods and usages of the photographic portrait with each artist’s approach  conceptually varied. The work in this exhibition questions of the validity and honesty of photographic portraiture and its power to shadow, and reveal, a truthful depiction of the subject.

Images from the Show

Guest Artists Casey Roberts and R.C. Wonderly

January 16 through February 1, 2014

Reception: Thursday, January 30, 5-7 pm

Ranging, a Faculty & Staff Exhibition

August 21 through September 19, 2013

exhibitionsThe term Ranging covers a broad spectrum of meanings: Varying. Fluctuating. Shifting. Moving across wide areas.  As well, the term alludes to a wide array of actions:  To arrange, to order, to categorize, to wander, to encompass, to extend, to fluctuate.

The exhibit title is suggestive of:  A series of things in a row; an aggregate of objects in one order; a direction one has taken with work; the limits of a series; the distance or extent between possible extremes.  An activity that includes exploring or wandering over a place or through a concept.

ranging #1    ranging #2     ranging #3     ranging #4     ranging #5 
Photos courtesy of Julie Renee Jones.

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