Common Threads

Exhibitions of the 2014-2015 Academic Year

The Radial Gallery and other venues throughout the University showcase the work of our faculty and students, as well as the work of visiting artists. Read about the exhibitions of Fall 2014 and Spring 2015.

Common Threads: New Faculty & Sabbatical Exhibition

FEBRUARY 19 - MARCH 19, 2015

This exhibit showcases the work of new faculty and current faculty’s sabbatical research. The show includes work of Erin Holscher Almazan, R. Darden Bradshaw, Glenna Jennings, Suki Kwon and Emily Sullivan Smith.

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Images from the Show

Faith, Reason, and One Hour Processing

January 15 - February 12, 2015

Curated by Joel Whitaker. An exhibition of apparition photography of Mary, curated from the Marian Library collection. The photographs selected for exhibition will look at the image as well as the accompanying descriptive text by the photographer. This text often describes what the photographer "sees" in the photograph as well as general information regarding location, dates, and other information that might assist in "seeing" the "sacred" in the photograph. Thus, when appropriate both the back and image side of the photograph will be exhibited.

The exhibition will not attempt to prove or disprove what is claimed to be evident in the photographs. It will use the photographs as an investigation in to personal artifacts, aesthetic qualities, vernacular photography, and of an individuals need to "see" and thus provide evidence of a belief.  The intersection of the aesthetic and descriptive aspects of the photographs as well as the role analogue photographic processes play in the imagery are examined.

Images from the Show

Fibers in Flux: Contemporary Perspectives/Traditional Processes

October 2 - 30, 2014

Fibers in FluxCurated by Darden Bradshaw. This exhibition of regional, national and international artists highlights the intersections of contemporary fiber over the past ten years with approaches that juxtapose traditional processes of weaving, felting, quilting and basketry with contemporary visual culture/social justice content.

Image at left by Mary Babcock.

Images from the Show

Lisa Lorek: Hand Lettering

October 2 - 30, 2014

Curated by Jayne Whitaker. This exhibit in the exterior space surrounding Gallery 249 runs concurrently with "Fibers in Flux."

Lisa Lorek graduated with a BFA in Visual Communication Design from the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Dayton in May 2012. Upon graduation she accepted a position as Junior Art Director at Brokaw Inc., an advertising agency in Cleveland, Ohio where she works with clients such as Fazoli's, FirstMerit, University Hospitals, and Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.

As fascinating and exciting as the world of advertising design is for Lorek, the art of hand lettering has become her private creative obsession. With influences from historical typographic styles such as the elaborate details of the Rococo era, Lorek’s hand lettering merges the beauty of handmade type with traditional illustration.

This exhibition demonstrates her exploration of various hand-lettered treatments from sketchbook to commission. According to Lorek, the challenging goal of these self-generated works is to explore ways to separate her hand-lettered typographical renderings from the heavy trend of handwritten text that is prevalent in today's culture and instead elevate it to a creative textural solution to a visual problem.

Images from the Show

The One and the Many: Art & Human Rights

September 27 through October 31, 2014

The One and the Many: Perspectives on Self and Other in Art & Human Rights Practices curated by assistant professor Glenna Jennings. Artists from across the country, including Isabel Avila, Juan-Si Gonzalez, Merve Kayan and Zeynep Dadak, Issa Randall, and Sheryl Oring, present work that examines notions of human dignity from multiple perspectives. The art asks: Are human rights pre-political or are they artifacts of laws and institutions? Do they belong only to individuals or also to groups? How can we re-vision and de-center human rights to more broadly address the human condition for both the self and the community?

Images from the Show

Observation, recollection, impression: prints by Carrie Lingscheit and Ellen Heck


Curated by Erin Almazan. Images below: "Anointed," Carrie Lingscheit (etching, 2014, 8 x 12) and "In and Out of Hand," Ellen Heck (drypoint and woodcut, 2013, 16 x 16).

Images from the Show

In and Out of Hand

View: Emil Robinson


Curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones. This exhibit in the exterior space surrounding the Radial Gallery runs concurrently with "Observation, Recollection, Impression."

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