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The Department of Biology offers both Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The department has two primary areas of faculty interest: environmental/ecological science and basic biomedical science. The faculty members in these subspecialties offer the student expertise in molecular biology, immunology, genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, applied and environmental biology, developmental biology, microbial metabolism, physiological ecology, plant metabolism, reproductive physiology, endocrinology, regulation of plant growth, medical microbiology, population biology, and behavioral ecology.

Individualized programs are prepared to meet the needs and career plans of those enrolling. The two year M.S. degree is thesis-based and relatively structured in nature. It is designed to either prepare the student for a research career in government, industry, or academics or to continue toward the Ph.D. degree.

The Ph.D. program is organized so as to fit the goals of each degree candidate. A five member Ph.D. advisory committee designs a program for each candidate to suit the individual’s long-term career objectives.

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