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The Department to Biology regularly offers courses conducted abroad. These courses include:

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BIO 340 & 340L: Culture, Biodiversity, and Resources Management

Culture, Biodiversity, and Resources Management is a lecture and a lab taught in Costa Rica and address cultural impacts on biodiversity and conciliatory demands for resource management to preserve the integrity of unique global environments. These courses are an experiential study of culture, regional geological morphology and weather-patterns, economic development, the freshwater-marine continuum, resource utilization, environmental law and management on conservation of unique biological habitats and organisms.

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BIO 360 & 360L: Island Environmental Biology

Island Environmental Biology is a field lecture and lab on environments of the Pacific Islands. Held in Hawaii and the Republic of Palau, these courses focus on volcanic geology, island morphology/weather-patterns, native culture, economic development, freshwater-marine continuum and water resource utilization on unique biological habitats.

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BIO 320 & 320L: Marine Biology

Marine Biology is a lecture and lab taught in the summer in either Hawaii, or Florida and Georgia. These courses are an introduction to the diversity of marine life including the physical-chemical environment. They examine marine organisms and processes, with laboratory work conducted on the UD campus and at off-campus field sites in the south.

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