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Theatre, Performing Arts, Dramatic Arts

It is important to understand that a theatre major will not necessarily lead to becoming a "star." There are numerous professional, community, and educational theatres looking for new graduates all over the country.

It also important to keep in mind that competition is intense and the jobs may be few. Dedication and talent are essential in finding success. Theatre programs tend to focus on theatre history or literature, acting, stage speech, stage movement, directing, design, makeup, theatrical/arts criticism, costuming, and theatre/stage management.

Careers in theatre, performing arts, and other dramatic arts include: script writing, performing artist, producer, director, arts administrator, costume designer, scenic director, stage manager, model, casting director, theatre professor and model.

Communication areas which supplement a career in theatre: theatre criticism, acting, arts management, directing, designing for the stage, lighting design, directing, costume design, theatre appreciation, public speaking and nonverbal communication.

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