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Assistantship Application Materials

Students interested in applying for a teaching assistantship must complete the application process and their application materials must be received before March 9th. In addition to applying to the graduate program, students interested in applying for an assistantship must also complete the application for an assistantship.

  • Complete the University of Dayton Graduate School online application. Be sure to indicate on your online application form that you are interested in applying for a teaching assistantship.
  • Send official transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended to the Office of Graduate Admission Processing.
  • Send three (3) letters of recommendation from faculty members familiar with your academic work. Be sure to use the recommendation form that can be found on the Graduate Admission website. Have the faculty member send the completed form to the Office of Graduate Admission Processing. You need not send more than three letters of recommendation. You may use the letters required for applying to graduate school in your application for a teaching assistantship. However, be sure you indicate to the people writing for you that they should speak to your ability to teach if they have any insight into that area.
  • Have your scores on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) sent to the Office of Graduate Admission Processing. You will need to complete the verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing sections of the GRE.  This is commonly called the general GRE. There is no subject test for communication. You can take the GRE at Sylvan Learning Centers by appointment.
  • Send a written statement of your educational and professional goals.  Be sure to address the following questions:
      a. Why are you interested in pursuing an M.A. in communication?
      b. What are your career goals?
      c. Why do you think you would be an effective teacher?
  • Submit a sample of academic writing, such as a research paper, published paper or thesis.

You may call 937-229-2343 with any questions.

PLEASE NOTE:  Other forms of financial aid are not available through the Department of Communication at this time. Grants or loans may be available to some students but they must be pursued through the office of financial aid.  You can contact the Office of Human Resources at the University of Dayton to see if there are any jobs available on campus. Another option is to contact the staff in Office of Residential Services. Residential services may hire graduate students to work as residential assistants for the various campus housing facilities.

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