Speech and Debate Team

The Speech and Debate Team is an academic club that helps develop many skills needed for career success: research, analysis, writing, critical thinking and public speaking, among others. Many of our former members have gone on to successful careers in law, business, sales, management, and any other career which requires good communication skills.


The speech team features three types of communication:

  • Public Speaking: Writing, memorizing, and delivering a speech on a topic of interest to the competitor and the audience.
  • Limited Preparation: Short speeches on current events.
  • Interpretation of Literature: Using vocal skills to give life to different literary forms such as poetry, prose, and play cuttings.

The debate team offers reasoned discourse on contemporary topics such as crime, the economy, foreign relationships, and immigration. Debate can be done one-on-one (Lincoln-Douglas) or in two-person teams.

The team does not hold auditions, per se. Everyone who practices and is prepared for a tournament is eligible to compete. Tournaments are usually held on Fridays and Saturdays, and we typically attend three to four tournaments per semester. The team covers all expenses for competitions, including entry fees, transportation, meals, and lodging.

For more information, contact coach Jeff Geers.

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