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Exit Interview for Graduating Seniors

This survey is a combination of the CJS Exit Interview and the Career Center's Flyer First Destination Survey. Please keep your answers to the following questions brief. All information is confidential and anonymous. If you have any questions, please email Karen Bahr or call 937-229-4242. Thank you for participating in our efforts to improve the program.

* What are your overall feelings about the University of Dayton?
* Would you choose to major in Criminal Justice Studies if you had it to do over again?
* Would you choose to attend UD again?
* Did you switch to Criminal Justice from another major?
* What do you like overall about the Criminal Justice Studies Program? (Check all that apply.)
* What do you dislike overall about the Criminal Justice Studies Program? (Check all that apply.)
* Were you an active member of APS/OPD?
* Did you participate in scholarly or professional conferences?
If you answered yes above, in which conferences did you participate? (Check all that apply.)
* While at UD, did you participate in volunteer or community service project(s)?
* While at UD, in what experiential learning opportunities did you participate? (Select all that are applicable.)
* Did you study abroad or have any international experience with at UD?
* Did you have any international experiences related to the Criminal Justice Studies Program?
* What are your short term plans?
* Please indicate your primary first destination after graduation.
* What are the most useful resources you have used to obtain your first post-graduation position?
* Please indicate your graduate school status.
* What degree are you pursuing?
* Would you be willing to participate in the CJS Alumni Network?
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